Join us to explore the basic steps
and processes of vaccine development

with Dr. Lindsey Baden, lead researcher COVID vaccine trial. 
Moderated by Dr. Rich Joseph.

 Thursday, July 23rd    7PM to 8:30PM

We are all eagerly awaiting an effective vaccine for COVID-19. And we have heard various reports about the timeline for vaccine development.

How exactly is a vaccine created?

What needs to happen before we can provide a vaccine to patients?

How do we ensure that research for COVID vaccine is performed equitably and safely?

Join us to explore the basic steps and processes of vaccine development. Understand the steps involved in taking a COVID vaccine all the way from “bench to bedside”—from development in a laboratory to use in your doctor’s office. Finally, learn if you or your loved ones might be eligible to participate in a COVID vaccine trial that will be starting soon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.   We will have the pleasure and privilege of chatting with Dr. Lindsey Baden, who will be the lead researcher in this COVID vaccine trial. Dr. Baden is an expert in early stage vaccine development.

Our conversation will be moderated by Dr. Rich Joseph, Medical Director of the Brigham and Women’s Center for Community Wellness at Sportsmen’s.

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Dr. Lindsey Baden
Director of Clinical Research in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dr. Rich Joseph
Dr. Rich Joseph Medical Director of the BWH Center for Community Wellness at Sportsmen’s, Moderator