About Sportsmen’s

For 60 years, Sportsmen’s has leveraged tennis to open doors of opportunity for youth in some of Boston’s most underserved communities. As one of the 20 largest organizations in the USTA’s National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) network, we provide top-tier tennis instruction, academic support and life skills programming for more than 5000 youth annually. Our health and wellness programs target the most pressing chronic health issues facing families in Boston’s inner-city communities.

In addition to our youth programs, Sportsmen’s is the home club to roughly 300 adult members from all over Boston who rent courts, take lessons, compete on our traveling teams, and share their time and talents with our youth.

Our four mission-driven program areas:

  1. Youth Tennis – We seek to place local, low-income and/or minority youth on a clear developmental pathway to high performance, college/post secondary level tennis;
  2.  The Learning Center (TLC) – our youth enrichment programs provide high-quality out-of-school time academic tutoring for less-advantaged K-5 students to build fundamental skills in reading, science and math. We use evidence-based practices to develop character, self-confidence and self-management, promoting respect for self and others, with a focus on social and emotional wellness;
  3. Health and Wellness—we offer free, life-changing health and wellness programs, including educational forums and use of our fitness center for neighborhood adults through the Brigham and Women’s Center for Community Wellness (CCW);
  4. Adult Tennis – our adult recreational and competitive tennis models a healthy, active lifestyle for our youth and provides a source of revenue as well as a pool of committed volunteers for our youth programming.