The Learning Center (TLC) is both a physical space at Sportsmen’s, and also represents the Sportsmen’s academic and enrichment community. It includes comprehensive, year-round academic and social programs for students in grades K-12.

The Learning Center offers after school academic instruction and homework support for elementary, middle and high school students. Out of school learning time is also offered on Saturday with an early elementary literacy program as well as social/emotional gender specific leadership development classes. All academic and enrichment programs are paired with tennis.

The Learning Center at Sportsmen’s includes the following programs:


School To Sportsmen’s is a partnership with local elementary schools to provide intensive support to a cohort of 75 students. School to Sportsmen’s runs Monday through Friday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Students receive academic support through one on one tutoring, project-based learning and online personal math and ELA curriculums. Enrichment opportunities include social-emotional learning, fitness, nutrition, gardening, music, art and of course, tennis. School to Sportsmen’s goal is to provide youth with quality out-of-school time experiences that develop skills such as perseverance, kindness and critical thinking and support success in school and beyond.

Summer Camp Academic Enrichment:  includes structured reading time in addition to daily academic enrichment activities to address the skills dropoff that occurs if students are not actively engaged in literacy and math.

Summer Learning Project (SLP)Research shows that up to two-thirds of the achievement gap between low-income students and their higher income peers can be explained by unequal access to summer opportunities. Recognizing this issue, Boston, with the support of public and private funding, works to expand access to high quality summer learning programming. Co-managed by Boston Public Schools and Boston After School & Beyond, this approach draws on the strengths of teachers and leading program providers to provide a full-day, integrated learning experience. Summer Learning at STEC aims to prevent “summer slippage” and shares the common goal of academic progress in math and language arts, and improvement in the ACT skills.

Multiple/All Grades

HEY (High Energy Young) Sister a free program, which allows girls ages 10-12 to explore important issues such as health and wellness, financial literacy, social activism, healthy relationships and college and career exploration.

DEUCE (Don’t Ever Underestimate Consistent Effort) Boys: a free program based on the same program model as HEY Sister for boys ages 8-12.

Urban Farming Institute (UFI) at STEC: a new partnership with City Fresh Foods that established an urban farm on one quarter acre of open space on our four acre complex. UFI gives our students a real-life environmental classroom, a first-hand view of the process of cultivating land and on-going dialogue around the impact of food choices on our lives and our economy.

Technology: In February 2011 we launched our computer lab, which now enables  students to conduct research, write and print papers and essays as well as create publications.