Since you’ve been gone…

• Complete deep-cleaning of facility per CDC guidelines
• Installation of large plexi-shield at front desk check-in
• Elimination of common area seating to prevent congregating
• Creation of uni-directional traffic flow to ensure safe distancing
• Water fountains temporarily off
• Kitchen, lockers and showers temporarily out of use

Phase 3 – Eligible Players & Type of Play

Eligible Players:

  • Members only
  • Singles and doubles play (no more than 4 on a court)
  • Adults
  • Academy & Tournament Training I, II and III Juniors registered since September 2019

Reservations & Pre-Arrival Procedure

  • Advance reservations only via Club Automation on website or by phone only if necessary
  • Members must sign one-time liability waiver
  • All players sign daily health affidavit
  • Pre-payment made online – no cash transactions
  • Players bring (or purchase online) their own can of tennis balls (1 can per singles player; 6 balls total per court)
  • Balls must be marked in sharpie with player’s initials
  • Bring your own water bottle(s) – fountains are shut off

Upon Arrival

  • Masks worn at all times except when playing
  • Check in at front desk (no transactions – just provide names)
  • Pick up pre-purchased tennis balls if needed and mark them (sanitized markers available)
  • One -way flow through club at all times (re-entry from outdoor courts through dedicated doors only)
  • Sanitize hands at station outside court area
  • Place belongings at opposite ends of court
  • Re-mask upon exiting courts

Safe Play Procedures

  • Masks and other belongings secured in bags
  • Players touch only their own 3 tennis balls
  • Balls may be picked up and returned by opponent using racquet
  • Players remain on their courts – errant balls are left until other players can return them hands-free
  • Players do not enter other courts to retrieve balls unless they are at 6 feet of separation
  • Players change sides at opposite ends of net
  • No volley-to-volley play

End of Play & Exiting the Club

  • No handshake
  • Players collect and remove their belongings – including balls
  • Masks are put back on
  • Players use court-side hand sanitizers upon exiting
  • One-way exit through rear building (not through lobby)
  • Walk down hall past fitness center
  • Exit via doors near Court 5
  • If bathroom is needed, exit as directed and re-enter through front doors

Download one-time liability addendum & daily health affidavit

addendum ADULT
addendum Junior
Daily Health Affidavit