HEY Sister:
Girls Leadership & Mentoring Program

High Energy Young Sister, better known as HEY Sister, is a support, empowerment, and leadership program for girls ages 7 – 17. This free program meets on Saturdays from 11:30-2:00 pm and consists of workshops, guest speakers, field trips and community building activities. The curriculum is designed to build strong civic leaders who develop visions for themselves and their communities. Alongside the leadership initiative, HEY Sister has taken an active role in campaigning for health and wellness. The girls recently developed a Health & Wellness curriculum which expands on nutrition and healthy eating, the importance of exercise, and the importance of mental health. This complements with their weekly hour-and-a-half tennis clinic. HEY Sister provides a safe place for girls to explore issues in their lives, focus on their futures, form positive peer groups and strong relationships with caring adults.

Key objectives for participants:

  • Understand what leadership is and what it means and feels like to be a leader
  • Learn to move themselves and others from ideas to successful implementation
  • Develop visions for themselves and their communities
  • Build the goal setting skills to set and achieve short and long term goals for themselves and their communities

Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center, its management, coaches, members and Juniors, commit to the following guiding principles:

  • SPORTSMENSHIP: Be respectful – of your coaches, your peers, yourself and the game; Be honest, be responsible for your actions – call lines & life with integrity; Be modest when successful and gracious in defeat.
  • TRUST: Yourself – your participation will result in better performance; Your coaches to help you improve; STEC to support you in reaching your goals on & off the court.
  • EFFORT: Try the best you can – don’t confuse effort with talent; Take responsibility for your own progress; There is no “I can’t – only I don’t know how but I’ll try;” Consistent participation leads to better performance.
  • COACHABILITY: Be receptive to change. Listen and do things differently; Accept the discomfort that comes with change and improving your game.
  • COMMUNITY: Be unselfish. Work hard, not only for yourself, but also for the sake of others.